About Arzoo Dance Theatre

Two dancers with Deepti Gupta at the National Gallery circa 1992
Photo credit: Anurag Gupta

Arzoo Dance Theatre is a professional dance company whose mandate is to create and present contemporary dance theatre works using a variety of dance forms from East and West, seeking a new choreographic voice that blends cultural aesthetics, ancient knowledge and contemporary artistic thought. The company brings to life a new vision of Indian classical dance, including Kathak, Chhau and contemporary movement. It celebrates the vision of cultural diversity in all art forms.

Arzoo Dance Theatre was founded and incorporated in 2001 as a not-for-profit dance company to provide a structural basis for the work of choreographer and dancer Deepti Gupta. Over the years the company has created, produced and performed diverse experimental dance pieces in collaboration with many artists and arts organizations. The company is now expanding its mandate to include activities that foster the development of professional Kathak dancers as well as more community-based interactions.