Photo: Brenda Clews

ANGIKAM Seminar in Kathak & Choreography

 Dates: September 15 – 19, 2021
Online edition of the seminar


Angikam Bhuvanam Yasya | आंगिकम भुवनम यस्य
Vachikam Sarva Vangmayam | वाचिकं सर्व वाङ्ग्मयम
Aaharyam Chandra Taradi | आहार्यं चन्द्र ताराधि
Tam Numah Saattvikam Shivam | तं नुमः सात्विकं शिवम्

‘He whose expressive body is the entire world,
Whose speech is the universal sound,
Whose ornaments are stars and the moon,
To that pure Shiva we bow’

ANGIKAM celebrates innovation in Kathak by exploring the Kathak body. Initiated in 2015, this unique project provides a place for Kathak dance practitioners to experiment in creative workshops under renowned mentors with opportunities to share their unique choreographic vision.  Back by popular demand, this choreography intensive designed for artists working in South Asian Dance vocabularies.

Angikam is the body in expression. The word ‘angikam’ is the first word of the Abhinaya Darpana, a two-thousand-year-old Sanskrit text on dance and drama written by Nandikeshvara, an important stage theorist in ancient India. Angikam tells us that the body is the beginning of all expression and that the expressive body extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm. As an important form of this expression, Kathak (from ‘katha’, the Sanskrit word for ‘speech’, ‘narration’, ‘story’, or ‘fable’) tells many stories: the story of rhythm, of movement, of emotion, and of thought.

Join us and discover the roots of this ancient storytelling dance form. Take flight as we transform it together with new bodies in new spaces.

Deepti Gupta
Artistic Director


Angikam 2021: An online seminar in Kathak and Choreography has been generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. Thank you to our funders!