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What is the sound of snow? Working in the form of Kathak, one is constantly interpreting life through the sound of the bells…ghungroo…the hundreds of tiny bells wrapped meticulously around the ankles of all of us Kathak dancers. The bells and the feet combine to make a unique musical instrument that creates a dance of […]


Canadian Kathavachan

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I have been fortunate to study at the feet of the great Kathavachaks of our time, Pandit Birju Maharaj, his nephew, Guru Munna Lal Shukla, Dr. Maya Rao, Pandita Rohini Bhate. All revered gurus whose deep study and creative genius enriched the tradition of Kathak and Kathavachan. These great gurus have told countless stories, many […]

Deepti's feet

Welcome to Cloud Kathak

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With this blog I bring my love of dance — and Kathak in particular — to the conversation in the cloud. I hope this floating conversation will lure people to the practice, here on earth. Kathak presents us with a wonderful paradox. The feet of the Kathak dancer are firmly planted in the earth forming a deep […]