Artistic Collaborations

Nick Storring (Composer and cello/prepared cello/electric cello)

Nick Storring ( is a Toronto-based composer and musician and winner of the Canadian Music Centre’s 2011 Toronto Emerging Composer Award. Recent commissions include a piece for Arraymusic, Montréal’s AKOUSMA Festival, a solo harp work funded by the Canadian Music Centre’s  Norman Burgess Fund, and a solo piano work, Byland, for Eve Egoyan. Dance collaborations include soundscapes for choreographers, notably Yvonne Ng (Magnetic Fields), and Deepti Gupta (The Lion’s Roar).

Said Mushfiq Hashimi

Said Mushfiq Hashimi ( is a master of Indian classical music, a composer, and an experienced music and arts educator. Born in Kabul, he holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Kabul, where he studied theatre, and a Master’s degree in Music from Holland’s renowned Rotterdam Conservatory. Mushfiq is the disciple of Pandit Ajoy Chakraborthy of the Patiala Gharana (school). Mushfiq moved to Canada in 2001 and settled in Ottawa where he established a school and the Mushfiq Ensemble. As a singer and musician, Mushfiq’s goal is to develop a body of work that brings his Afghan heritage together with his musical training in North Indian classical music, blending Western vocal technique into his interpretations.

Tricia Postle

Tricia Postle ( holds a degree in medieval studies and music from the University of Toronto. She performs as an instrumentalist (psaltries and hurdy-gurdies) and vocalist (mezzosoprano). In 2015, she performed as an actor and musician at the Cloisters museum in New York as part of the touring production of the 15th century play Mankind. A song cycle based on her poetry, Ash Roses, was released in 2014 through the Canadian Art Song Project, and since 2007 she has been developing the Majlis Art Garden in Toronto’s Queen West as a venue for the performing arts ( Tricia is a founding member of Pneuma Ensemble, which specializes in early music.

Reshmi Chetram Davé

Reshmi Network Group of Companies ( is an umbrella company that promotes, preserves and explores Indian dance and wellness. It has three divisions: Natya Arts (non-profit); Tarana Dance (Learn to Dance) and #liveWELL (Fitness and Lifestyle) Reshmi Chetram Davé, the director of RN Group, is an Indo-Canadian performing artist, choreographer and creative director. She trained for over 20 years with her mother, Deviekha Chetram, founder of the Tarana Dance Centre in Toronto, and furthered her knowledge of Kathak under the tutelage of the legendary Guru Pandit Birju Maharaj in New Delhi, India from 2005 to 2012. Reshmi is recognized as an ambassador for Indian Dance and Wellness in North America.