Arzoo Dance Theatre

Board Members

Board President

Stacey Jenkins

Stacey Jenkins appears on the doorstep of Arzoo with an eclectic career and range of interests and experiences. She enjoyed a 20 year career as a producer and casting director in television and film production.  She traveled the world in her work, most notably for a National Geographic TV series for which she had the great pleasure to work with Deepti Gupta, although they were friends long before that. In recent years, Stacey completed the long training to become a Jungian Analyst, a therapist who works with the symbolic images of dreams.  She also studied astrology, the Tarot and other divinatory methods that, like dreams, embrace synchronicity and mystery. A red thread in Stacey’s life is the idea of calling or vocation.  As soon as she met Deepti Gupta, Stacey recognized the unwavering presence of a calling in her.  Stacey is so pleased to contribute to the realization of Deepti’s creative vision in Arzoo Dance Company!

Board member

Rebecca Catching

An avid museum watcher, Rebecca has been engaged in the cultural industries in China since 2001. As the former director of OV Gallery, a curator at the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum and founder of the contemporary art magazine RAN DIAN, she has observed the development of Chinese museums first hand. In 2015, she became programmed director of the Creative Economy Leadership Academy at Nottingham University in Ningbo, a training programme designed for Chinese museum professionals. In 2017,she returned to Toronto, where she continued to write about Chinese museums providing intelligence for the British Council. She has also worked as a museum consultant for the Toronto-based museum planning firm Lord Cultural Resources on several projects in China, including the book, Museum Development in China: Understanding the Building Boom, published by Rowman and Littlefield and co-created with the Chinese Museums Association. Recent publications have explored topics such as gender and racial inclusion in Chinese museums, the use of technology in Chinese museums, retail space as a new strategy of cultural funding, touring exhibitions in China, the rise of pop-up experiential exhibition and the Chinese museum ecology, looking in particular at the state-led model, vs. private, contemporary art museums.

Board member

Daniel Mathai

Daniel Mathai is a Management Consultant in the IT advisory space and has 10+ years of experience managing digital transformations at Fortune 500 corporations across North America. Currently based in Toronto, he prides himself as a global citizen and has called India, Kuwait and the United States home. He is passionate about story-telling, cross-cultural synergies, symbiotic low-impact living and the use of sustainable design and technology.