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Celebrating Amrita

No one celebrates like Punjabi women. I am convinced of it. The beautiful, talented, gorgeous,spirit filled women of Ottawa’s Punjabi Gidda group swept me off my feet as we gathered tosing, dance and celebrate the life and legacy of Indo-Hungarian painter, Amrita Sher-Gil. Theevent took place on Saturday, April 20 at the Alma Duncan Salon […]

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The Colours of Amrita

Since July 2016, and perhaps even earlier, the paintings of Amrita Sher-Gil have been anobsession. It is not just that the colours seem to cause a physical shift in my body, but that thecharacters start moving and speaking straight out of the paintings. As a dancer I am intrigued. I have been meditating with her

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The Sound of Snow

What is the sound of snow? Working in the form of Kathak, one is constantly interpreting life through thesound of the bells…ghungroo…the hundreds of tiny bells wrapped meticulouslyaround the ankles of all of us Kathak dancers. The bells and the feet combine tomake a unique musical instrument that creates a dance of sound as well

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Canadian Kathakvachan 101

Kathak from Katha meaning story. Katha kahe so kathak kahave. I have heardthis phrase from the time I first became interested in Kathak as art form. Thephrase is in a vernacular of Hindi from Uttar Pradesh, the home of Kathak. Itmeans ‘he who tells a story is a storyteller’, a kathak. The dance and the

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The Art of Making Dances

I have been making dances as long as I can remember. Even when I was six yearsold in a small town in India, I would gather my friends, arrange then informations and then make up my own movements to well known semi-classicalBollywood songs. Or I would design actions to children’s poetry. I always felt Ihad

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Dancing Along the Silk Road

Silk Road Melody takes me on journey through unknown geographies of theheart. It always amazes me that the process of a project from conception torealization is completely unpredictable. I begin by creating it, and it ends bycreating me.So it has been with the journey along the silk route with Sufi poets. Rabia alBasri, Jelallaudin Rumi,

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Welcome to Cloud Kathak

With this blog I bring my love of dance and Kathak in particular to theconversation in the cloud. I hope is this conversation will lure people back to thepractice, here on earth.Kathak presents us with a wonderful paradox. The feet of the Kathak dancer arefirmly planted in the earth forming a deep connection between the

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